Thursday, May 28, 2009


Well, we tried to go camping for the long weekend but the weather would not let us. It was so rainy and cold that we did not want to stay the night. So we did the next best thing, we came home every night---yea a bath for everyone!!! Lillee however did not like this, she really wanted to stay in the camper. Oh well we have all summer to go camping. The kids had a great time even with the bad weather--we made the best of it. Hopefully the weather will get better so we can go camping.

Kaden and Lillee in front of their HUT!!

Lillee posing with Kaden

Trax all bundled up!! BURRRR!!

Monday, April 27, 2009


Lillee is a HUGE fan of her DAD!! She loves to do anything dad is doing. Well now that the wether is somewhat warm out (only on some days), she thinks she needs to spend every mintue outside with her dad or just out doing tricks on her swing set with her neighbor friend, Quinn. Trent brought home the camp trailer for them to play in, they do yard work, feed dogs, clean shed and much, much more. Its so cute to watch the two of them togheter. Trent does so well with her and I think Trax will follow too.
Lillee with her swing set
Dad and Trax in their HATS!!
Trax is not for sure if he likes the hat or being outside.
Still unsure about what to think!

Lillee doing her favorite trick, flippin her feet up!!

Traxon can now sit up! He started to sit up just a couple of days before he turned 6 months, Yes I said 6 months. Where does the time go? He loves to sit up and play with all of the fun toys now. Lillee likes hime sitting up to cause she can play more with him.
Playin on sis's room!
Look I can finally sit up and play

I love to explore the new shapes!
I want to get this cookie jar bad!!


1st place--Hip-Hop


My 2 little troopers that showed up to dance!!
My polka dots girls~

Ready to dance--we think!!!

Some of the girls who stayed for awards.
Look at all the awards we got!! (brag, brag)
They are so CUTE!!!

We are so COOL!!
Really teach, you have to take a picture of us!!
I am so proud of my dancers!! We had our show last weekend and a competition this weekend. They worked so hard on their dances and proved to me that they were good!! I have to brag a little cause I am their dance teacher. They did well at their show and at the competition. Let me brag so more--My oldest class took 1st in hip-hop out of 4 other dance teams (which was not our best dance but they went out and performed it well), my K-2nd graders took first out of 3 and they looked so cute out there dancing. My poor preschool class only had 2 show up (and NO my little sweet Lillee was not one of them, in fact she would not dance at the show or the competition. GO FIGURE, she's the dance teachers daughter, who knows what shes doing). But the two who danced did such a good job, everyone thought they did wonderful!! Overall I'm proud of my dancers and also glad to have dancing over for the year.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Trenton's caught another LION!!!

Ryker barking at the lion to keep it in the tree!!

Red barking too and keeping the lion in the tree!
Trenton is a big lion hunter. He has four hounds that he goes hunting with. He has caught several lions this year but I have not had time to post them and now I have a little time so I can now. He got this young lion on Thursday with 2 of his dogs while the other 2 were treeing another lion. This scares me because I don't like the idea of him that close to a lion by himself but he is just fine with it (I think he is a little crazy but oh well he loves to do it). Here are some pics. of the lion and the dogs.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Traxon's 2nd Hair Cut!!

Traxon is going to get pictures tomorrow and so I decided to have Dickcie cut it for me. He has already had one cut but I did not get pictures. I got some this time. His hair was so long that when I tried to give him a Mohawk, it would stand up and curl. It looked like I curled it that way and he looked funny. Now, he has a handsome crew cut. I can spike it or give him a Mohawk.

Just after my bath with my new hair cut!!

I look so HANDSOME!!!

My papa is so funny!!!

Here is my HAW (Dickcie) cutting my hair!

Look at me, I'm getting my hair cut!!

CRAZY Times at the Tuttle Home!!!!

My Little Dancer!!!
She will not go to her dance class, she refuses to go. Recently her class had a performance and I did not tell my family about it cause I did not think she would perform because she never dances. Right before we left she wanted her dance costume on and her shoes. SO I hurried and got her ready. When we got there she wanted to go down on the floor and dance. And to my SHOCK she got out there and did a really good job. Her dad and everyone missed it cause she never wants to do things like that. I was so PROUD of her for getting out there and doing her dance!!!
SO tired!!
What a log day

Traxon's New TOY!!
This was Lillee's but he is finally big enough for it. He really likes to sit in this and play for a long time. Look how big he is getting.

We are so super crazy at our house lately!!! Between school (grades and year end testing) and dance ( pictures, dance show and competition) I am going crazy not to mention my lovely kids too. They are growing and Traxon is close to sitting up and wants to so bad. Lillee is at the GREAT 3 year old stage where she thinks she can do just about anything she wants, including bossing everyone around.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Traxon Rolled Over

I know kids grow so fast!!! Traxon rolled over on Monday Feb. 23 just one day shy of being 4 months old. The only bad part about him rolling over was that I was at work and did not see the first two rolls. But guess who did? Trenton and Lillee which is good cause dad and sister were so excited to see it. As soon as it happened Lillee called me at work and she was so excited that I could barely understand what she was saying. Now he is getting good at rolling over and we can't keep him on his back anymore. We also started feeding him rice cereal and he loves it. Lillee likes to feed it to him too, she is such a big helpler. She thinks she is the mom sometimes and I have to remind her that I am the mom and she is a big sister. They are so cute together!!! I will get some pictures posted soon of the little ones and the new things Traxon is doing.